Restaurant Rotondo Tappas-Bar Cafayate Rila-Feinkost Welt Garten der Sinne Nick's Kinderpark Reisemobil-Stellplatz

While the parents are enjoying the special atmosphere and the culinary delicacies at ‚RILA Erleben‘, the children and teenies can easily explore and experience this imaginative playground. 

On weekends, the children are being looked after during the afternoon so that the parents and grandparents can relax. 

The various playing devices e.g. toy-funicular, slide, climbing net etc. are made of European wood and are suitable for different groups of age.

You can also celebrate birthday parties in this ‚park‘ – independent of the weather. You can choose between three different tents which we put at your disposal. 

A number of arrangements can be booked in connection with ‚Nick’s park‘ e.g. school excursions, birthday parties as well as motto-show parties. 

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