Restaurant Rotondo Tappas-Bar Cafayate Rila-Feinkost Welt Garten der Sinne Nick's Kinderpark Reisemobil-Stellplatz

RILA Feinkostwelt – RILA Delicacies exhibition

Themenwelten von Afrika über Asien bis Mexiko.
Köstlichkeiten aus den Küchen der Welt.

Here you can enjoy the fascination of the countries of origin – an exhibition of eleven country food asortments with more than 1.100 articles presented on a surface of 350 m².

We invite you to join us in a culinary voyage of discovery so that you can learn more about the variety of the countries of origin which is also being reflected in the dishes and drinks.

We also provide the corresponding recipe folders, free-of-charge. 

Opening hours:

Tuesday - Friday

15-19 hrs.


11-18 hrs.


13-18 hrs